I once asked my mother whether she thought she would live to 100. I had recently heard about people who had reached this age and I suppose I wanted to know if my mother thought this was possible for her. I’ll wait till I reach 50, she replied. Then I will see.  ... read more


When I was a small child my mother would often take me in her arms and give me a cuddle. We would sit together for long dreamy periods of time her arm around me giving me caresses. Psychologists say that parental affection is essential for a child’s healthy... read more


I often remember places better than I remember people. I remember the apartment I lived in for a few months in Boston in the mid 70s. I remember sitting on the roof of the building looking out over the Charles River, watching the autumn colours appearing on the trees.... read more


Jack Smart, the philosopher and my old bushwalking mate, believed that time is a dimension like length and breadth. Just as a place continues in existence when you turn your back and leave so does a happening in time continue to exist after you have moved on. The only... read more