Revenge and Restitution

Martha Nussbaum wants to take the anger out of public life. It’s a highly ambitious goal, and would it necessarily be desirable?

‘Let no man count himself happy’

‘Let no man count himself happy until his end.’ This saying pops up again and again in classical Greek writings. Oedipus utters it when he discovers that he has unwittingly killed his father and committed incest with his mother. The philosopher Solon refuses to call...

Why virtual reality cannot match the real thing

Suppose you were offered the opportunity to hook yourself up to a machine that would give you all the experiences you desire. Using this technology you could have the sensations of climbing Mt Everest, enjoying great sex with a good looking partner or visiting the Taj...

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I am a professorial fellow at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. Here is my curriculum vitae as an academic philosopher. But I have always believed that philosophy fulfils its real purpose outside of the academy when it is put to work identifying and criticising the assumptions embedded in political debates and searching for the values to guide us when we confront technological and social change. This site contains some of my own contributions to public issues, published and unpublished, as well as pieces of philosophical fiction and autobiography. It also provides a connection to other sites where philosophers discuss issues of the day and explain philosophical ideas.